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Emotional Support Animal - DIGITAL ONLY Package (Bundle and Save $129)

  • $239.00
  • Save $129

DIGITAL ONLY Package ($368 $129)


  • ESA Housing Letter...emailed ($149 value)
  • PSA Airline Recommendation Letter...emailed ($149 value)
  • ESA ID Card (digital only) & Registration ($40 value)
  • Digital Version of ESA Certificate...emailed ($30 value)

* You will receive EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL digital versions of ID Card and Certificate.  Your dog will be registered at Federal Service Dog Registration.  You WILL NOT receive a hard copy of the ID Card nor Certificate.

* As a goodwill courtesy we will complete (1) housing reasonable accommodation form with the purchase of each housing ESA letter.  You must email us the form(s) prior to your interview with the licensed therapist.  The completion of additional forms will cost $20 each.

* To use the PSA letter you must certify in writing to the airline that your dog has been trained to assist you with your psychiatric disability.  Your dog can be trained by anyone including yourself.

The information you provide is the information we will use to create the digital versions of your ID Card and Certificate.  Be certain to verify the accuracy of the information you provide, as there will be no refunds for inaccurate spellings or information.  Thank you for your attention to detail.  It is appreciated by your Top Dog Products team.

* This item does not entitle an emotional support animal to the rights and privileges accorded by law to a guide, signal, or service dog.

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