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Service Dog Registration Successful


Thank you for your registration.  We have sent you an email with your 10 digit registration #. 

You should receive the email within a few minutes (be sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folders).
Please see our special one-time offer below.

Many of our customers who register their dog for free AND purchase supporting gear (ID cards, vests, leashes, collars, etc…) say it helps to eliminate conflict from the uninformed public and makes their time in public with their dog more peaceful. 

There are many uninformed businesses and landlords/property managers that require someone with a service dog to show their registration ID card or require the dog to be wearing a vest before they will accept their service dog into their place of business or housing.


At a minimum, you should purchase Service Dog ID cards.



However, our Bundle & Save packages (which ALL include Service Dog ID cards) offer the best protection at the best value.

Below is a link to a chart that shows the differences between our Bundle & Save Service Dog Packages.



We also have licensed therapists who write Airline, Housing and Public Entity/Business (stores, restaurants, hotels, government buildings, parks,etc...) PSA recommendation letters and those letters DO comply with the Air Carrier Access Act, the Fair Housing Amendments Act, and the Americans With Disabilities Act.



Please be sure to read our reviews to see how our customers say our registration + supporting gear makes it hassle free for them while in public.

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