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Emotional Support Animal Letters (Housing and/or Airline)

Emotional Support Animal Letters (Housing and/or Airline)

  • $149.00

Having trouble with your landlord or HOA?  Our ESA letter will help you and your ESA live happily ever after together.  Our licensed medical therapists will evaluate your condition and provide a prescription letter for your ESA.

What you Get:

  • ESA Prescription Letter Written By A Licensed Therapist
  • ESA Letter(s) emailed as PDF file(s)
  • Keep Your Dog In The Main Cabin While Flying (no extra up to $125 one-way)
  • Live With Your Dog In A "No Pet Policy" Housing (no pet deposits)

* As a goodwill courtesy we will complete one airline form and one housing reasonable accommodation form with the respective purchase of each airline and housing ESA letter(s).  You must email us the form(s) prior to your interview with the licensed therapist.  Additional forms cost $20 each.

* The ESA letter(s) will be emailed as PDF file(s). You WILL NOT receive a hard copy of the ESA lettter(s) unless you pay the optional $20 Priority Mail fee.

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